*Great for parties of all kinds!

Award winning Fresh Squeezed Poetry will make a poem for you on the spot on lustrous Chinese paper.

Each poem is unique and frameable.

Whatever pops into your mind we can make poetry of!
*Arts Organization Fund Raisers
*Benefits of all kinds
*For children’s parties we get them in on the action

Contact Barbara Perry:

If you cannot think of a topic, Fresh Squeezed Poetry can:

Your poets in costume!

For Halloween:  Dress as dead poets  
Seasonal Affairs: Sages or Sophisticates of Old 
Elegant Benefit:  Old ballroom dresses
Valentine's Day:  Red, black and lacey.
Give us an event and we’ll be the muse!

About Barbara Perry:

Barbara Perry has been Fresh Squeezed Poetry since 2000.
She is an Illinois Arts Council (full) Fellowship Poet and has
twice been a featured poet at the Printer's Row Book Fair.

Her manuscript,The Olive Pit in My Windpipe has been a finalist/semi finalist 7 times in respected full book competitions, including Tupelo, Verse, and Pleaides Press.








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