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Leave it to Barbara Perry to create this strange and marvelous little
personal cultural diversion. It reminds me of old European carnivals
where naive country folks could witness marvels that they had never
seen before. These days as the global village becomes smaller, you hardly ever see anything at any street fair that you haven't seen before in some form. Fresh Squeezed Poetry is like a cross between a fortune tellers booth and a visit to PeeWee's playhouse. Barb's quirky charismatic charm draws you in to the rather more intense world of words that she both weaves and divines for each
customer who walks away with more than they bargained for
in insights and food for thought better than a corn dog and a strawberry snow cone. Where else can you pay that piddly amount and come away with ideas about the art of your own life?

-Rebecca Brown

You are truly amazing! I almost started crying
yesterday when you read me that poem, it was so
beautiful and moving. Contemplating the hereafter and
putting such beautiful imagery to it was so
grounding and insightful. I think you were truly in the moment,
that's why you could gaze in to the future so clearly
and calmly. I was struck by the beauty of my time with
you and my sons. To realize it is limited is to
understand the importance of really living it fully.
Thank you. You are a beautiful and deeply talented spirit.

-Susanne Suffredin

Barbara's Fresh Squeezed poetry readings are fascinating because she combines poetic creativity with an oracular flair.
-Mike Bohacz

Barbara's spontaneous poetry contains striking imagery, creative wit and wild free association. I have watched her creative development over several years; what an inspiration. Her work continues to emerge stronger, deeper, and always full of surprises. Nobody thinks like her! Whether it's at parties or literary fairs, Barbara's Fresh Squeezed Poetry table attracts everyone with an extravagantly decorated presence. It's always a big hit. Visitors receive a rare gift as she writes a poem for them on any topic, on the spot. The colorful handprinted Chinese paper on which she writes makes each poem a visual artwork as well. I have some of them on my wall at home.
-Trish Happel

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